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School Profile

    Hsin-Feng Junior High School (HFJH) is located at Chung-sing Village, Hsin-feng Township, Hsinchu County. The school was founded in September, 1956, and was reinnovated after the catastrophy of 921 Earthquake in 1999. Our new Cheng-de building was constructed at the moment. Staff and teachers here at HFJH share a common ownership for preparing students a bright future in their initial stage of education.


   We apply a multi-directional teaching methodology to initiate and promote students' learning interests. Our curriculum and extra curriculum support students to acquise knowledge from their surrounding. As a result, students are not limited to the classrooms and experience what is out of their textbooks. Having said that, HFJH has our own ecological pond, food forest and a bike museum.


   The bike museum was established three decades ago and cycling has become our charateristic since then. Our feature in cycling has put HSFH at a renowned position among Taiwanese middle school cycling community. The solid training, national standard equipment and more than 3 millions NT dolloars sponsership acculmulated so far have prepared students well for their entry to the next level of education. We hope the legend here at HFJH continues with your joining.


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